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Accompany ME          in         "À Mesure - Handle with care"



A Cyr wheel duo show​

50 minutes, 8+, language no problem



Indoor & Outdoor


​​​​​Accompany ME is a circus company formed by Elena Damasio and Monika Neverauskaite.

It is a project of international influence: the performers originate from Italy and Lithuania, both educated and trained in the Netherlands and both living and working in Toulouse, France.

Through their work, the two female authors aim to offer their audience a moment of lightness in counterbalance with the more serious themes which they handle - all of this strictly in the language that circus can offer.

The company pursues the theme of gender equality as it is created and performed by two women, in an equal and non-hierarchical relationship.​



“À Mesure - Handle with care” evokes the strengths and fragilities of a two-person relationship. Through the language of the Cyr wheel, two women offer a look at their intimate space, their daily life, by arming themselves with patience and playing with the passing of time. There is a wheel, there is a kitchen, there are eggs. And there are them, sensitive, true, committed. At the risk of love, they bring a comforting story to the stage, in search of a rhythm that leads them to each other. 











​Authors and performers                                    Monika Neverauskaite & Elena Damasio

Music composition                                            Eric Pollet & Valentin Avoiron

Outside eye and dramaturgical advice                Marie Vela, Clémentine Dilé, Gildas Aleksa

Light creation                                                   Povilas Laurinaitis, Mantas Pauliukonis

Trailer                                                              Mindaugas Drigotas

Pictures                                                           Dainius Putinas, Donatas Ališauskas​


Accompany ME was coproduced by the Lithuanian Council for Culture in partnership with Teatronas.

Supported by: Cirko Sapiens (LT), Latitude 50 - Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue:, Subtopia (SE), Maison des Jonglages (FR), l’Essieu du Batut (FR), La Roseraie (BE), Ecole de cirque de Tarbes Passing, Arts Printing House (LT), MJC Croix Daurade and MJC Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse (FR), Dialoghi – Residenze delle Arti Performative a Villa Manin 2022_2024, Udine (IT), Station Circus, Basel (CH), Festival Spoffin, Amersfoort (NL).

Funded by: Sweden-Lithuania Cooperation Fund and Culture Moves Europe- Goethe Institut.​​​​​​​​​​​























- Stage size: 8 x 8 x 5 m (w,d,h) The floor area should be hard, flat, even and covered in black dance floor. Suitable for a Cyr wheel.

- Sound system suitable for the space and the size of the audience with a plug-in for a computer.

- Lights and colors will be used from the theater according to the light plan.

- Necessity of a plug of 220V on the stage side.


More information can be found in the technical rider at request.​







- 10 June                           Work in progress - Festival Barakacirq, Tarbes (FR).

-  6 September                   Work in progress - Festival Helium, Vilnius (LT).

- 24 November                   Work in progress - Maison des Jonglages, La Courneuve (Paris, FR).

- 28 November                   Festival Circus Stations, Visaginas (LT).


- 12 January                      Work in progress - Latitude 50, Marchin (BE).

- 21 February                     Work in progress - MJC Croix Daurade, Toulouse (FR).

- 27 April                           Villa Manin, CSS Udine - Udine (IT).

- 2 May                             Festival HOPLA, Bruxelles (BE).

- 23 May                           Station Circus, Basel (CH).

- 13, 14, 15 June               Festival Cirkuliacija - Taurage,Vilnius, Kaunas (LT). PREMIERE

- 19, 20, 21 July                Le Grand Festival, Verdun (FR).

- 23, 24, 25 August            Festival Spoffin, Amersfoort (NL).

- 4 September                   Ouverture de saison - La Grainerie, Toulouse (FR).

- 7 September                   Festival Journées Cirque au Jardin, Montagnac-sur-Doustre, Corréze (FR)

- 29 September                 Festival Cirque Mania, Korzo Theater, Den Haag (NL).

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